Cararay's Poms,Show Pomeranian Puppies for sale
Cararay Poms, Show Pomeranian Puppies for sale,Breeder, Champion show puppies,Jan Shar Pomeranian, Pomeranian Puppies
Cararay Pomeranianm Pomeranian Puppies for sale, Champion Show Pomeranians, Jan Shar Pomeranian, Pomeranian Puppies & Family Pets
Cararay Poms, Pomeranian for sale, Breeder, Champion Show Pomeranians,Pomeranian Puppies, Jan Shar Pomeranian & Family Pets
We are a small hobby Breeder in East Texas of champion show quality
AKC (American Kennel Club) Pomeranians, Pomeranian Pups.
As you tour our site, you will find pictures of our males an females show pomeranians.
On Gallery Page, we have pictures of past puppies to show the varity of colors that are
available in our Show Pomeranians.
Our Available Page has a list of show, an Companion Puppies that are for  sale.       
              Bloodlines are of superior show quality of the Pomeranian Breed                   
   Our standard, to have numerous AKC Show Champions in their pedigrees.
Our Pomeranian Show Lines Include:
     Jan Shar          Queen-Aire        Chriscendo            Millamor
    Tookeyes        Mountain Crest     Sweetheart's           Bi-Mars
 Great Elms          Lennette            Velvet Touch        Dreamweavers
Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit With Cararay Poms
Cararay's Poms
Cararay's Poms,Show Pomeranian Puppies for sale
Cararay's Poms,Show Pomeranian Puppies for sale